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Reading Activates Power

University of R.A.P. strives to provide music scholarship and educational philanthropy by connecting Hip Hop artists with students to bridge the gap between community services, public schools and academic achievement. This interactive program will enhance any school district’s analytics, so together, we READ to ACTIVATE the POWER of independent thinkers within our diverse society.


Use all five senses/Even the sixth/To read our world/How and why it exists/See your future in your mind/Feel failure and success while you grind/ Hear the voices of your people as one sound/Taste with your feet on the ground/Smell like your principles of greatness when you emerge from dark clouds/Innerstand who you are right now


Converting bodies into proactive forms/Never bored, being their board of education is the norm/Thinking on their own/Thinking to own/Being seeds that have grown/Frequently, at a love frequency/Consistently charging their creative energy/Together/Teaching what they learn applies the knowledge forever/Serving the community by building their best version/Writing their way out in third person/Information by self affirmation all through their active imagination


15 Weeks of partnerships and merit trips/Circle of life powers up your Circle of Scholarship/Trust your instincts or you’ll be extinct/ Entrepreneur or employee/Self defense or strategy/Solo dolo or with ya team/ Power on them all if that’s what you need to be/By any means necessary/ Always be ready to MC and perform/ Step into your power it’s time to transform


Oba Sankofa

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